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From individuals to organisations. We have the assessments you need.

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Psychological Assessments

We help you choose the best assessments for your specific needs

  • Access to a hand-picked range of the best assessments available, both nationally and internationally
  • A selection of technologically advanced games, tools and other developmental programmes
  • A free advisory service to help you match the right assessments and programmes to your unique needs
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JVR Online – Flexible assessment batteries on one platform

JVR Online is JVR Psychometrics' online assessment platform that features a number of top International and South African developed psychometric assessments.

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Speed up your work with our scoring and management services

Scoring and report generation of assessments can often be time consuming and tedious, especially if you have large numbers of assessments to process. Client Services can assist you in scoring assessments, generating reports and supporting you in project managing large scale assessments.

The service is flexible, fast and accurate with a strong focus on the ethical requirements of such a service. Client Services’ scoring at JVR is fully aligned with international best practice and whether you require software reports or online assessments you will be well supported in this process.

With some of our products you even have the option to run your own scoring platform.

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Our research services ensure quality and relevant assessments

Working in Africa with the diversity of its cultures presents specific challenges. Our research department focuses on providing you with updated norms, locally developed assessments and ongoing validation of our offerings to ensure the quality of the assessments we distribute.

We strive to provide you with the latest local and international research on the assessments you use. Through our extensive research network, we can source the evidence you require in order to motivate the use of assessments in your context, or work with you to establish the effectiveness of your test battery.

In collaboration with our Universities, we support students with their post graduate studies as well as practitioners doing industry specific research. We continuously look out for modern and innovative ways in which to conduct research.

When Google isn't enough, you need an Information Professional

JVR Psychometrics Library is a special library registered with the National Library of South Africa (NLSA) and as such we can assist our clients with literature searches and the sourcing of articles on their behalf.

We help you find scholarly articles and provide you with a citations list of articles available from a wide variety of publishers.

If you need articles from the list of citations, we will quote you for them separately. If no relevant information can be found, you don’t pay.

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Accreditation and CPD points

Certification & CPD is provided is through our sister company JVR Academy. Please visit the training schedule for more in-depth information and contact details.

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