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Neurozone® Advanced Course

Become a credible, neuroscience-informed coach that blends neuroscience and analytics to help you build resilient people who don't burn out.

Blended Learning Programme

Become a creditable neuroscience-informed coach.


33 CCEUs (28 Core Competency hours and 5 Resource Development hours) (ICF Registered)

33 CEUs (HPCSA Registered)

The 12-week Neurozone® Advanced Course will teach you how to support individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves, by blending:

  • Behavioural brain diagnostics

  • Neuroscience insights, and

  • Robust coaching methodologies 

The course will enable you to:

  • Gain deep insights into how the brain-body system functions to build resilience for individuals, teams, and organisations

  • Learn about the drivers of brain performance that inform the code for high performance

  • Understand the impact of mindset and unconscious attention on performance energy neuroscience

  • Design your coaching approach using the principles of integrative behavioural neuroscience

  • Gain coachable insights of the neuroscience of mindfulness and high performance energy

  • Optimise your own brain-body system to propel your coaching to the next level


The first part of the 12-week course is a six-week online commitment covering behavioural neuroscience and drivers of brain performance that inform resilience and high-performance readiness.


The second part of the course consists of six live online sessions (weekly) dedicated to the practical integration of neuroscience theory into your coaching practice.


Programme dates

20 February Online programme latest start date

02 April - Virtual session 1

09 April - Virtual session 2

16 April - Virtual session 3

23 April - Virtual session 4

30 April - Virtual session 5

07 May - Virtual session 6

25 June Online programme latest start date

13 August - Virtual session 1

20 August - Virtual session 2

27 August - Virtual session 3

03 September - Virtual session 4

10 September - Virtual session 5

17 September - Virtual session 6


27 August Online programme latest start date

08 October - Virtual session 1

15 October - Virtual session 2

22 October - Virtual session 3

29 October - Virtual session 4

05 November - Virtual session 5

12 November - Virtual session 6

*Virtual sessions: 16:00 – 18:00 SAST


The theoretical component requires self-study and includes detailed podcasts and webinars presented by Dr Etienne van der Walt, an accomplished neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist, and authority in early childhood brain development. The practical component is facilitated by Marina Pretorius, a seasoned organizational psychologist and coach.

Is this programme for me?

Coaches and HR professionals

Course Details

Duration: 12 weeks

Presented by: Dr Etienne van der Walt

Materials included:

Prerequisites: None

Upcoming events


25 Jun 2024 — 17 Sep 2024
@ 16:00 — 18:00

$2 000.00


27 Aug 2024 — 12 Nov 2024
@ 16:00 — 18:00

$2 000.00

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